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Top Methods for Butt Enhancement

Curvy figure is certainly making a comeback as of late. Increasingly, popular culture icons are choosing to embrace their healthy form in place of starvation diets and gluteboost cream reviews painful exercise routines. As a result, women nowadays are ready to go to great lengths to achieve the perfect hour-glass figure. Since a larger and fuller posterior is getting more attention than any other body part, several buttocks-enlargement solutions are now available.

For a naturally fuller bum, women often turn to weigh-lifting and exercise that's specifically designed to increase the volume of butt-muscles. This method can work quite well for very thin women but only to a certain degree. No matter how persistent a woman is about that exercise regime, a muscle in a petite frame will never get very large. Any exercise program also means increase in metabolism which comes with weight-loss, decreasing the size of buttocks.
weight loss
Another solution is a posterior-enhancing method that includes pills and creams. Companies such as Gluteboost offer butt-plumping systems that promise to visibly increase the size of the buttocks without changes to diet and exercise program. The gluteboost cream reviews show that the product plumps the buttocks while making skin softer and smoother. This particular system uses voluplus - a patented, all natural ingredient that increases the size and count of fat cells in the posterior.

A more drastic method is plastic surgery. Most popular in Brazil, butt augmentation is becoming increasingly common in America. Fat transfer, or Brazilian Butt Lift, is a procedure where fat is harvested from one area of the body, such as stomach, and transferred into patient's buttocks. This method is best for bigger women who have "spare" fat on their frame. Another augmentation method uses silicone butt implants. In this procedure, a doctor inserts implants into the posterior. Since the implant surgery uses superficial substance, it is considered more dangerous and can result in more side effects. It also produces less natural results than fat transfer. The last option is butt-enhancing apparel. Padded undergarments and pants have become very popular in recent years. This solution offers quick results without side effects or changes in diet and exercise. They're available in stores and online.

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